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There's No Place I Can Be

One thing that's been on my mind is a solid, finalised schedule of the many activities we have planned: What's taking place only once, and what's going on all the time? What time are we serving food? That sort of thing...

If everyone could comment here with their thoughts/certainties on what is happening when over the course of the weekend, I'll modify this entry to show a Saloon Schedule which we can all refer back to later. :)

Thanks in advance...


Okay, with the comments in place, here's the (relatively open) schedule:


Early Evening: Big Damn Opening

Activities: Darts, Xbox, Firefly/Serenity/Done the Impossible on DVD

Menu: Fortune Cookies, Fruity Oaty Bars, Wasabi Peas, Drinks


Activities: Darts, Xbox, Firefly/Serenity/Done the Impossible/Mosquito on DVD, Poker, Karaoke

Menu: Baked Beans, Fortune Cookies, Fruity Oaty Bars, Ramen, Wasabi Peas, Drinks


10 PM: Silent Auction Draw

Activities: Darts, Xbox, Firefly/Serenity/Done the Impossible/Mosquito on DVD, Big Damn Sing-a-Long

Menu: Baked Beans, Fortune Cookies, Fruity Oaty Bars, Ramen, Wasabi Peas, Drinks (or whatever's left of all this, anyway :})

Any other thoughts? What am I missing?



Poker starts Saturday when we open. I don't know when that is. Hell, we still don't have an opening time. Perhaps we should establish that...
Food will be available all the time, I think...
Darts and XBox will be ongoing, as will Firefly, Serenity, and Mosquito showings...

I dunno you guyz... I'm srsly decision-making-ed out. Do what y'all like.
After talking with C, we've noted that we won't have baked beans and ramen until Saturday, so wasabi peas and fortune cookies (and drinks) only on Friday, as we have hellz lots to do anyway with the set up.
I've taken what I know and what you mentioned and put up a tentative breakdown of the three days, for what it's worth...
Friday night there won't be Mosquito yet.
Karaoke on Saturday night.
Big Damn Sing-a-long on Sunday night. Only poker on Sunday if you feel like it, as you'll be the dealer.

i'll put up the menu as soon as i get it, butfruity oaty bars are a for sure - someone needs to macro Hilz - "Im in ur kichenz, makin sum miraclez!"
Okay, everything you've just mentioned has been added...

(We'll be playing the DVD's off the Xbox, I assume?)

Since you asked, I would actually prefer not to have poker on the Sunday night, so I can help out (and enjoy) all the other stuff going on during the Dead Dog. :)

I defer to someone else for the Hilary-macro-making skills (skillz?)...
Ok, no poker on Sunday.
I'm bringing my DVD player to hook up to the credenza TV for the DVDs, so no, only games in the XBOX (mine doesn't even play DVDs, actually)

ConSuite Comment


Yeah I'm sure there is a better spot to comment but I do not know where it is.

You folks did a bang up job over the weekend. Congrats.

Re: ConSuite Comment

Thanks! We had a blast... feel free to keep checking here for updates, and if you have any suggestions, let us know!