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Browncoat Saloon

xandersgirl in browncoatsaloon

NOT the end... it's not like we're on FOX, or anything!

While Keycon 24 is over, this is far from the end of the Browncoat Saloon. If you are just finding us here for the first time, this is the journey of our creation of a consuite. If you are a return visitor, please note that more of our posts are being unlocked all the time (now that the debut is done) and you can get a better idea of the insanity that went into this.  Finally, if 
you have a suggestion as to where you might like to see the Saloon make an appearance, please feel free to comment here. 

Thanks to ALL who came out, and we look forward to seein' y'all again real soon!

p.s. we will continue to update - including with links to where you can get your very own Browncoat Saloon shwag!!



Dead Dog at the Saloon!

I didn't get a chance to pop into the Saloon too much over the weekend, but I managed to make it in during the Dead Dog. That short time was worth my entire Keycon weekpass on it's own! People strumming guitars, the whole suite singing Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash, some awesome hosts in perfect Firefly costumes, some damn fine looking bartenders ;)

Can't wait until next time the Saloon hangs it's shingle out...


- Wil A.