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May. 12th, 2007

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The Complete Seremuppety (Serenity as done by The Muppets). 

DUDEZ. If you haven't read it, DO IT NOW.

May. 9th, 2007

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Silent auction

ok, what are we offering up for grabs?

1 copy of Firefly series on DVD
1 copy of Serenity
1 red & gold chinese robe, sz XL
Various Firefly shwag (posters, keychains, buttons)
1 gold Browncoat Saloon Staff Tshirt - mens size L
1 Jayne hat (IF chavvah has time)
our mascot on the hitching post (ZOMG WE STILL NEED TO FIND A MASCOT)

anything else you can think of/donate?

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...dare i even think it...

pseudohistorian  and i picked up stain, sealer, and varnish today, along with dishcloths, soap, cleaner, and BAMBOO FLOOR MATS.

pseudohistorian ordered the beer yesterday.

the player piano cd has arrived. 

left to buy: stuff for signage. 

is that srsly it? pls respond if you can think of anything else.

kthx j

May. 7th, 2007

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just for us staff...

pseudohistorian and i had a mighty productive afternoon! we now have in our possession (ie in my car) the following:

200 take out containers
3 kg wasabi peas
36 cans baked beans
3 large tins iced green tea powder
192 pkgs ramen
540 plastic cups
4 cap guns with extra caps

we'll call to order the kegs tomorrow, and then, dare i hope... all we have left to get is floor covering? and dontmentionlove may already have a handle on that???

how glad am i right now that we ditched the pancake breakfast idea... let some other shmucks be awake at that hour...

i think our running cost tally right now (not counting room rental) is somewhere around $1700... is that right? lordy... 

ETA: i forgot, we also got 200+ chocolate gold coins.
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May. 6th, 2007

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Well, the crew of the Browncoat Saloon have been working their collective asses off heading into the final two weeks before the con. Just to give y'all a taste of what's to come, here are a few pics from our Big Damn Build weekend:

casanovacoconut doing some serious grindin':

chavvah sanding down our FRICKIN' AMAZING saloon doors:

xandersgirl demonstrating her bartender's polish manouver:

imperfectmedium sanding the top for our OMFG WE BUILT THAT?!? bar:

pseudohistorian sanding the beams for our hitching post (SO MUCH SANDING):

a sad, sad chavvah, who was selected as our pillory model:

It really was a fantastic weekend, as you can see by pseudohistorian's animated retelling of the "MAN WITH A HOOK FOR A HAND" ghost story 'round the campfire (please note there was MARSHMALLOW ROASTING!):

Many thanks to imperfectmediumand her fantastic folks for putting us up and feeding us like MENNONITE ROYALTY for the weekend, not to mention the use of the world's best workshop, and to dontmentionlovefor taking the pics (not pictured, dontmentionlove).

 Our staff shirts are on their way, and we'll be modelling a selection of them on Friday as we slave away set up our shindig -you'll be able to order your very own after the con!

In other saloon news, things are really coming together (and by coming together, I mean that our collective places over-floweth with saloon-related goods).  Our decor is ready to go up, and the food (wasabi peas, baked beans, ramen, fortune cookies, iced green tea, fruity oaty bars and more!) is set to go. Our western side is rarin' to be let loose with texas hold 'em poker, Red Dead Revolver, darts, and maybe even a little karaoke. Our peaceful companion element evokes the glow of (a) Firefly and offers much needed Serenity with lavish fabrics, and a tea fountain! 

Oh yes, and the boozeahol...what kind of saloon would we be if we didn't have KEGS OF BEER?!? ;)

We'll also be having a silent auction in the suite - come by and buy a few tickets for your prize of choice (who doesn't want to win, among other shiny rewards, the entire Firefly series on DVD?) - tickets only $1 each, or 3 for $2!!

We look forward to seeing y'all in the Browncoat Salooon... just follow the sound of the player piano to room 1518!


Apr. 24th, 2007

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Build weekend specifics

pseudohistorian works until midnight on Friday, so we either have to leave post-midnight, or really really really early on Saturday - we're talkin' 6am sharp for all you city folk.

The van has been rented - I'm picking it up on Friday evening (I hope... pseudohistorian, remind me to talk $ with you re:this). 
Thanks for the email, imperfectmedium- hopefully we'll make a go of this yet!!


Feb. 26th, 2007

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(no subject)

For all you anonymous readers out there...
If you have a comment/issue with something posted here related to Keycon, please take it up with me directly at jamie.kathleen@gmail.com. There's no need to pester Dave - he's got enough on his plate as it is. I assure you, I'm not quite as evil as you may have heard. ;) Reasonable requests, such as removal of email addresses, will be met with reasonable responses, such as 'sure, no problem, sorry 'bout that,' and their prompt removal.
Your friendly neighbourhood consuite hostess.
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Keycon 2007 15th Floor Hospitality Suite Update  (as emailed to me by Dave Strang)

All of the 15th floor hospitality suites for Keycon 2007 are now reservered.

Here is a list of the suite names, assigned room numbers and contact information:

1) Video Room, Suite 1500

2) The Poisoned Apple – Official Hospitality Suite, Suite 1502

3) The Sleeping Dragon, Suite 1504 

4) The Crew, Suite 1506

5) WAC, Suite 1508 

6) Operations Suite, Suites 1510

7) STW 1, Suite 1512 

8) STW 2, Suite 1514

9) Shooters Haven, Suite 1516 
10) The Browncoat Saloon, Suite 1518 

If you would like a walk through of your suite before the convention, please contact me.

Duties responsabilties of the Suites:
You are renting the suite from Keycon 2007 for the weekend. Other then the items that have been arrianged by Keycon 2007, your costs and responsabilties are the same as if you were renting it from the hotel
Your resposabilities as to badging are that you are to refuse entrance and service to anyone who does not own and show a valid Keycon 2007 membership badge and to advise Ops of any accurences.

Check in times on Friday, for the suites, will be 4:00 PM at the latest. (official suite has early access). If the hotel is able to have theses suites cleaned and the walk throughs compeleted by Keycon 2007 early, you will be able to access your suites earlier.
Check out time on Monday is 10:30 AM. This time CANNOT be changed.

Ice delivery and garbage pick up.
Currently each suite will receive a total of 6 bags of ice through the weekend. They will be delivered two each day. I do not know the actual size of the bags or the times of the deliverys. If you want extra ice, it is the responibilty of each suite to supply their own. The hotel has agreed to supply the suites with extra bags of ice at $10 each.
We are currenty in negotiation with the hotel for more ice and ways to conserve it.
The hotel will be doing regular garbage pick ups. Againt the exact times are tbd.

The convention is NOT responsible for:
Moving expenses
Ice beyond the basic
Telephone charges
Room service
Extra garbage pickup beyond the basic
Parking passes
Any other hotel services which may be charged against the room
Any damage done to the room or its contents

Liquor policy
Liquor may only be served to persons over the age of 18. Badges will indicate a persons age as claimed on their registration form, but if you have any doubt it is your responsabitity to request picture ID.

Over service is defined by the Liquor Commission, but is basicly the service of liquor to a person who is demonstrating visible signs of inebreation such as slurred speach, rowdiness ,beligerance, loss of balance, etc. In addition no person may be in possession of more than one drink at a time. 

If you want, you may post this disclaimer in your suite:
"The management of in conjunction with Keycon 2007, reserve the right to refuse service and/or admittance to any and all persons that have been deemed have caused a problem or broken any regulation or do not wear a Keycon 2007 membership badge"

All departments will be available by cell phone and the numbers will be distributed during setup.

The approriate department heads for the 15th floor hospitality suires are:
Dave Strang, Hospitality Suite Co-ordinator
Kim May, Hotel Liason
John Speelman, Operations

Keycon 2007 contracts
All Keycon 2007 Hosptilatity suites must have signed contract with Keycon 2007 in order to host a suite. For those of you that have not signed one, please contact me and we cant arriange to get it done. I have also enclosed an attachment with it for your conveniece.

Next Keycon 2007 Con-Com
The next Keycon 2007 Con-Com meeting is Sunday March 4 at 10:00 AM
It is being held at the Pendragon Games and Hobbies Meeting space 203 Catherdral Ave at Main Street.
Future meeting time and locations are to be determined.

Blurb of PR2 website due March 10
If you do not have your blurbs in for your suites for the Keycon 2007 website and Progress Report 2, please send them soonest. The deadline for blurbs for PR2 is March 10 th. We want to tell our members about your suites.
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(no subject)

Got an email today confirming that ConCom supports all consuites in their endeavour for peace, along with this notice, which will be posted in all suites (including The Browncoat Saloon)s:

The management of [suite name] in conjunction with Keycon 2007, reserves the right to refuse service and/or admittance to any and all persons that have been deemed to have caused a problem, or broken any regulation, or do not wear a Keycon 2007 membership badge"

Feb. 22nd, 2007

Name in Kanji


Say My Name, Say My Name

I'm still doing a lot of hunting for various bits of Mandarin terminology for the Saloon, but in the meantime, I thought I'd offer up translations I've been able to track down for the given names of people who'll be involved with the consuite...

These kanji are all in standard Mandarin calligraphic style, and although they're shown here horizontally, they can also be (and often are) aligned vertically.








xandersgirl, naturally (and The Tamed Mechanic, who shares her first name):

And, finally, my own:

Perhaps we could have some sort of add-on to our con badges with this version of our names...? I'd welcome your input.

I'd also welcome any other requests for things I should look up. :) Just comment with your translation requests here...

Before you ask, I'm already working on obvious things like "Browncoat Saloon," but there are a couple of different versions of "Browncoat," so I thought I'd look into it further and find out what the differences mean. (Similarly, there are two official versions of "Blue Sun" and two official versions of "Serenity.")

If you think any of the terms you have in mind are too sensitive, you can email them to me, and I'll put them up later in a locked post...or simply lock this one, if people feel that even the names are too sensitive. I did stick to usernames for this post, however, since all of you know what your first names are. ;)

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