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The Browncoat Saloon

A Firefly Consuite/ Hospitality Suite Community

Browncoat Saloon-the Consuite Community
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This is a community for those involved with the Browncoat Saloon - an on-going consuite that first ran during Keycon 2007 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

"Here’s how it is...the Earth got used up, but you don’t have to be.

If you’re feeling bushwhacked, or just a little out of gas, drop by our mighty fine shindig, offering up the best gorram suite this side of Unification Day.

At our saloon, those of you with a heart of gold—or simply seeking a little serenity—can find some mudder’s milk, perhaps a Fruity Oaty Bar, and other fine Blue Sun food products, along with Texas hold ’em (a game with no tall plum cards to worry about), music so sweet you might accidentally get married, and the finest menfolk and womenfolk in the ’verse for companionship.

Dong ma? Get the message? Good, because you can’t stop the signal.

Now, put on your brown coat, your most cunning hat, or that slinky dress you’ve had your eye on, and raise a toast to the Hero of Canton until you’ve got your own war stories to share."

Questions? Leave a comment, or email The Madam (jamie dot kathleen at gmail dot com).