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xandersgirl in browncoatsaloon




xandersgirl leaves house, heads to pseudohistorian 's apartment
7:30 xandersgirl and pseudohistorian depart for U-Haul on McPhillips
8:00 xandersgirl and pseudohistorian pick up U-Haul truck
8:30 xandersgirl drops pseudohistorian back at the apartment to prepare goods for loading
8:45 xandersgirl picks up dontmentionlove
9:15 xandersgirl and dontmentionlovepack up goods in TCona
10:00 LOADING BEGINS AT pseudohistorian 'S APARTMENT. xandersgirl , dontmentionlove,pseudohistorian ,  casanovacoconutand chavvah(i assume your tamed mechanic is working...?) pack U-Haul.
11:00 xandersgirland pseudohistorian leave to pick up bamboo poles from HomeSense
HIGH NOON: xandersgirl , pseudohistorian , dontmentionlove, chavvahcasanovacoconutmeet in the lobby of the Radisson

From here it's a waiting game to see when we can get into the suite.

1:30 xandersgirl departs for Wesley's assembly
3:30 xandersgirl returns from Wesley's assembly
4:00 xandersgirl and _______________ go to xandersgirl 's house to collect TV, XBox, DVD player, table, chairs, slowcooker, and tree

when are imperfectmediumand chavvah's tamed mechanic scheduled to arrive?





The mechanic is unsure what time he will be arriving because HE THOUGHT THE SUITE OPENED ON SATURDAY. This has been rectified.

I might have to bail on the loading tomorrow morning--I am still wicked sick and I don't think I have the respiratory fortitude to go up and down pseudohistorian's stairs--just going up and down the stairs here at the office is killing me. If you need me to be there for moral support or whatnot, I definitely will, but otherwise, can I plan to meet you all at the Radisson for noonish? I will bring with me all of the Asian-themed stuff that my mum thrifted for us, since it is still at my place (I can load it into my mother's granny cart if necessary). I can also bring the dart board and poker sign.
No prob, luv - get well, and we'll see you at noon.
Also, if anyone is having costume woes and needs some last minute altering, I will be doing some sewing tonight for Jamie's and my outfits. You are welcome to drop off anything you would like spruced up (within reason). Call first, because I have a date to hang with my mum.
For further scheduling info, I've been modifying my recent post on the subject, so everyone can have a look at that...
i will be arriving between 4:30 and 5. with hinges. and probably some other goodies.
Hooray for hinges! Hooray for Hilary! Hooray for Hgoodies!