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mine is an evil laugh

dontmentionlove in browncoatsaloon

Fotoz= Shiny

click beneath the becorsetted moi, for more fotozzz of the saloon & its fabulous crew...

corset 4

captain tightpants

our very own captain tightpants! i wish i'd taken this pic on the first day, after a couple of evenings the pants (unfortunately) became more relaxed. would you believe we thrifted this entire costume (less the gun) in one evening?

me, as kaylee. note the brontosaurus bling!

me as kaylee. (note the giant brontosaurus bling). not pictured are my coveralls & boots & it's kinda hard to see that my hair is up in buns.

big damn heroes

imperfectmedium & casanovacoconut as zoe & mal, aim to misbehave.

delicious noodles

imperfectmedium & xandersgirl serve up ramen from the bar.

decor photos are left all Big & Damn-like so you can see all the detail...

couch view of companion guild

credenza, on the Companion Guild side.

fabric & fans

door beads & wall draping. just out of the pictures are the bean bag chairs & mountain of pillows we set up.

low coffeetable, with pillows

around the low coffee table we put luxurious pillows, sort of sushi restaurant style. on the table are gold embroidered placemats, a bowl of fortune cookies, a live bamboo, bonsai & bowls of wasabi peas. check out my punch fountain in all its glory in the background. the black rug came from my old room at my mom's.


door beads & parasol

we strung paper lanterns & parasols & door beads from the ceiling using bamboo poles (we weren't allowed to put push pins or anything into the walls.)

eve as river & my mom's slippered feet

this is great shot of xandersgirl's awesome cherry blossom tree, imperfectmedium's rice paper window replicas & of the amazing red brocade throw we thrifted to go over the couch.

companion guild

again, i can't get over what an awesome job imperfectmedium did on the windows (& the saloon doors & so many things not pictured) & the amazing set-up executed by chavvah in the Companion Guild. you really did decorate like a mofo darling & it looked amazing.

rob relaxes in the companion guild

my uncle rob relaxes in the arm chair with the lovely gold throw. you can also see the neat art we thrifted above him & the vase filled with silk lotuses, beside him

most of these are of the Companion Guild side of the room. i encourage those of you who also took pictures (pseudohistorian?) to upload & email me so i can add them to this post.

i can't believe i didn't get the hitching post & vera, the pillory in action & a good shot of our bar. to be fair, that i don't have any saloon photos indicates how packed it was. i kept waiting for a dead moment when the crowd had thinned out (so as not to interrupt/disturb any of the suite patrons) & well, that never happened.



Re: Is it okay?

these were all taken by me (Cynara G.) so i'm fine with you using them, so long as if they are eventually used online that myself (as photog) & the browncoat saloon are properly credited (vs just the umbrella of keycon).